Friday, July 30, 2010

tv: bottle up old love, and throw it out to sea

The love I speak of today is my love for Steve Carell. He is a brilliant comedian: his work always cheers me up no matter how depressed I am. I have yet to see Despicable Me, but I've heard great things about it, and I admit, I'm excited for Dinner For Shmucks.

So this is semi-old news, but I think it's worth mentioning. Living the typical American life, I am a huge fan of The Office. I DVR the old episodes and watch them constantly. When Steve Carell announced that he was only going to do one more season of The Office, well... it broke my heart.  Andy Bernard takes the title of my favorite character, but Michael Scott is the show. "The show is great, and the ensemble is so strong, and the writers are great, so it's just one part of that ensemble drifting off," is what Carell told E!, but I disagree with him. It just won't feel right without his antics and unawareness.

My theory is that the show will have an eighth season (with the seventh as Carell's last), but it will not go well at all, and then end on a bad note. Which would be a tragedy. Still, I'm interested to see who they'll choose as the new regional manager.

Peace out. G

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trend watch: these boots were made for walking

So I was at Nordstrom the other day, just browsing, and I noticed that just about every designer had a pair of over the knee boots on display. I think it was Seventeen that passed them up for a popular style, but sometimes those magazines tell you to go for some wacky stuff!

Splash News,

I like them - of course Blake Lively can pull them off, but I think that they look really nice. Some people think that they're an overtly sexy look and would give a bad impression, but I think with a pair of skinny jeans like this and without three inch heels, they're really cute and fashion forward. 

Unfortunately, I'm only 5'2, so I'm afraid I might look a little short in them! I'm not the most daring in my clothing choices, but I don't think they'd attract too much negative attention. What do you think?

Peace out. G

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this is the story of a girl

First off, seeing as this is my first post, I'd like to say "Well howdy!" and "Welcome!" Now for the juicy stuff:

So who is this?
My name is Grace, and I live in the suburbs of Massachusetts, thus the name of the blog. Basically, I'm a teen trying to push through the struggles of fitting in and being heard, like so many girls. I live in the type of town where every girl has a North Face jacket, Juicy Couture hoodies, and a pool in the back of their McMansion. This isn't my family AT ALL, as much as I hope and dream.

Still, my interests include shopping at the mall, creative writing, chatting with my friends on Facebook, singing, playing the piano, and reading a good book.

But then what can you even write about? 
I'm no fashioniesta - I don't have the money or the contacts to buy designer bags or MAC eyeshadow whenever I want to - but I do enjoy watching trends and sharing everyday girl beauty tips. Like most people, I also like television. I love to discuss shows I adore like the The Office and House, but shows that bother me, too. You may have noticed that I'm a girl - that means that I will be keeping track of stories that put girl power on the line. From time to time, I also may discuss music, stresses of every day life, movies, school life, current events, and books.

Awesome. Why should I care?
Seriously, I don't know what to tell you yet. This is my first attempt at making a blog, and I'm sure I won't have too many followers for... well maybe for forever. However, I think a lot of girls can feel lost and "unrelatable", like I can sometimes. As Andy Bernard from The Office once said, "Let me be your travelling pants." Haha jokes - but I'm curious to hear what my followers will have to say, too.

Also, when I want advice on how to get my hair a little softer or a good place to buy a new skirt, I enjoy browsing the internet. I read magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue, but the products they advertise are often still too expensive or "out-there" for me! I've always wanted to have an outlet where the writer actually understands the audience, which is what I'd like to achieve here.

Thank you for reading!
Peace out. G

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