Friday, July 30, 2010

this is the story of a girl

First off, seeing as this is my first post, I'd like to say "Well howdy!" and "Welcome!" Now for the juicy stuff:

So who is this?
My name is Grace, and I live in the suburbs of Massachusetts, thus the name of the blog. Basically, I'm a teen trying to push through the struggles of fitting in and being heard, like so many girls. I live in the type of town where every girl has a North Face jacket, Juicy Couture hoodies, and a pool in the back of their McMansion. This isn't my family AT ALL, as much as I hope and dream.

Still, my interests include shopping at the mall, creative writing, chatting with my friends on Facebook, singing, playing the piano, and reading a good book.

But then what can you even write about? 
I'm no fashioniesta - I don't have the money or the contacts to buy designer bags or MAC eyeshadow whenever I want to - but I do enjoy watching trends and sharing everyday girl beauty tips. Like most people, I also like television. I love to discuss shows I adore like the The Office and House, but shows that bother me, too. You may have noticed that I'm a girl - that means that I will be keeping track of stories that put girl power on the line. From time to time, I also may discuss music, stresses of every day life, movies, school life, current events, and books.

Awesome. Why should I care?
Seriously, I don't know what to tell you yet. This is my first attempt at making a blog, and I'm sure I won't have too many followers for... well maybe for forever. However, I think a lot of girls can feel lost and "unrelatable", like I can sometimes. As Andy Bernard from The Office once said, "Let me be your travelling pants." Haha jokes - but I'm curious to hear what my followers will have to say, too.

Also, when I want advice on how to get my hair a little softer or a good place to buy a new skirt, I enjoy browsing the internet. I read magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue, but the products they advertise are often still too expensive or "out-there" for me! I've always wanted to have an outlet where the writer actually understands the audience, which is what I'd like to achieve here.

Thank you for reading!
Peace out. G

the title of this post is lyrics from the song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days


  1. Lolz cool. I live in a neighbourhood like yours. Everone worried about styles and whatnot. It's kind of lame, actually. But, that's just my opinion. I am interested in fashion, but not to the extent of buying all the new things that come out. Lolz. I don't even wear makeup. Just lip gloss(obviously) and mascara sometimes. When I'm bored. Nice blog so far. I'm your first follower. Yay! :D


    Sorry, I'm a bit excited :)