Friday, July 30, 2010

trend watch: these boots were made for walking

So I was at Nordstrom the other day, just browsing, and I noticed that just about every designer had a pair of over the knee boots on display. I think it was Seventeen that passed them up for a popular style, but sometimes those magazines tell you to go for some wacky stuff!

Splash News,

I like them - of course Blake Lively can pull them off, but I think that they look really nice. Some people think that they're an overtly sexy look and would give a bad impression, but I think with a pair of skinny jeans like this and without three inch heels, they're really cute and fashion forward. 

Unfortunately, I'm only 5'2, so I'm afraid I might look a little short in them! I'm not the most daring in my clothing choices, but I don't think they'd attract too much negative attention. What do you think?

Peace out. G

the title of this post is the title lyrics from the song by Nancy Sinatra


  1. In my opinion, that's just stupid to wear boots in summer. Even thought it looks nice and whatnot... it's still really stupid. If Blake wants to wear her sexy boots, she can go somewhere that gets cold so she can show them off.
    BTW, you can still wear boots. Even if you're short.

  2. Ooooh, Blake looks nice in that pic. And overtly sexy? Nawwwwwww. Its hot, well based on the pic of Blake here. But I think I'll prefer mine with about 2 inch heels or something. Just, don't wear em with skirts. That's just ... -.-

    Hip hugging jeans tucked into those boots with a simple top and a nice big bag. :D I think I'll look for those boots next time at the mall even though its always hot here.